Gymnasium Alsdorf's US election project: Predicting Indiana's election result

How will the people of the state of Indiana vote in the 2016 general election and why? We, Gymnasium Alsdorf's higher-level English course, have taken various approaches to tackle this question. On this website you can find our results. Enjoy!

General information on the US election in Indiana

You prefer to read about the elections? Michelle provides you with excellent background information on the election in Indiana in her paper on the project (in German). general information

Project approaches



Prediction Video

Katrin and Michelle present their prediction in a short video.


TNJ News

Julia K., Tabea and Noah give you an interesting view on the election in their News Show.


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Senator interview

Lena and Julia lead a fictional interview with senator Liz Brown on the election in Indiana.


Radio show

A fictional radio interview with people from Indiana about the election by Heba and Beyza.


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Donald Trump Song

In their song, Tim and Yannik focus on Donald Trump because Indiana is a pro Republican state and they wanted to show you what they think about Trump.


Election Rap

An acapella rap by Marvin, Kerim, Zakaria and David about the election.


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Election forecast

by Nora

Dinner for Indiana

by Annika

Trump vs. Clinton

by Fernanda

Trump in Indiana

by Christin

Election poker

by Jan


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Impressions of our visit to the US embassy in Berlin