Cartoons on the election in Indiana

This cartoon is by Nora Hiseni, showing the Indiana election forecast.





Cartoon number 2 by Nora represents her personal opinion on the topic.




In this cartoon called Dinner for Indiana, Annika Kraus comments on the election in Indiana.









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Indiana Bild:




This cartoon is by Fernanda Procópio. She chose to draw a basketball game because it is typical in Indiana. The whole crowd is for Trump, who is winning. That is why Clinton is saying "loosiers", which also shows clearly that the people are from Indiana (hoosiers).

This cartoon is by Christin Niehus.

Her comment on her cartoon:

"I chose this cartoon for our project because I wanted to show how our state Indiana is going to vote and why. In addition to that, I wanted to criticize their patriotism and how it is influencing the election. The cartoon shows that a big part of the population in Indiana is white and that this is also the main "group" Trump is connected to because they support him for his opinion on gun laws or immigration. The flags, guns and base caps symbolize "typical American" who are known for their patriotism."

Der Cartoon richtet sich an die derzeitigen Wahlen in den USA und stellt diese aus Sicht des Staates Indiana dar. Die Idee mit dem Bezug zum Poker kam mir dadurch, dass zwischen Trump und Clinton ein Duell stattfindet und beide in einer Art Wechselwirkung zu einander stehen.


by Jan Kurth