Song on the election in Indiana

Song by Tim and Yannik


I am Tim, I am Yannik and this is our project about the state of Indiana.  As you can hear we decided to focus on Donald Trump because Indiana is a pro Republican state and we wanted to show you what we think about Trump. So go, vote and always remember:

 Think first, then act!


Donald Trump Song



When I came to America,
I thought everything was better.
“They will accept me,
Cause it’s a land of equality.”
There was my mum tellin:
“Just have faith …
Don’t despare, just be a little bit more brave.”
I thought: “I’ve got to try,
But nobody ever told me that it’s going to be so hard to fly …

Frangible Hair,
Claims that he doesn’t even care
He is telling lies
Wants the Americans to arise.
A rude man wants to build sights (Wall to Mexico)
And treats women like they’ve got no rights (“You have to treat ‘em like shit’”)
Who wants to sell 10.000 $ to a pornstar                                               (Jessica Drake)


But acts his whole life like a god damn retard

 Talking about Mexican_ Deportation

 When he laughs about people’s malformation                                    (Imitates a reporter with disability)

 Some People say that he has got small hands

 We rather think it’s the same in his underpants

 But what is this all about?

 We gonna tell you, say it loud!


Trump is a great fool,

 Just playing cool,

 super unschooled,


 His major rule:    “Silence, I kill you”


Believe us,

 This is true,

 So please don’t follow his crew

Acapella rap

by David, Marvin, Zakaria and Kerim


We thought to ourselves that we had to creatively deal with the Presidential Election of 2016/17 by originally having the idea to write a poem but then decided to make it more up-to-date: a rap. Marvin, Kerim, Zakaria and I sat together and tried to connect political and personal facts of the candidates respectively with facts about Indiana's voting history and our humor, in one way or another. ~ David



Trupm's lines:

I'm Donald Trump, I wrote “The Art of the Deal”,

Me losing in Indiana? Surreal

I'm gonna take you from agriculture to industry,

Gonna make you all great again, instantly

Thanks for bringin' me over the top

but I'm not gonna stop:

I'mma put my billion dollar talent to work for this country

to let us all have a great life in company

I'm ahaed of my time, call me Marty McFly

I'm gonna win this election – you can't deny!





Hillary's lines:

Hey, my name is Hillary,

Come on, Hoosiers, become one of us

let's end this electoral fuss;

e-mails? What are you talking about?

Democrats are your perfect route!

Remember 2008?

I was yours truly, Secretary of State,

now finally make me president

and bring this election to an end!

Didn't you watch the presidential debate?

He talks the talk

but doesn't walk the walk,

people need me, not him,

if you vote for Trump the future will be dim